Longview Export Grain Terminal

Aerial photo of the EGT Grain Terminal in Longview, WA.EGT has invested more than $200 million building a state-of-the-art export grain terminal in Longview, Washington—the first to be constructed in the U.S. in 25 years. The groundbreaking design and cutting-edge technology of EGT's Longview terminal sets a new standard for grain exports in North America, with its higher speed, greater flexibility, and superior efficiencies. As demand for American grain grows, EGT's presence offers American farmers greater access to global markets, creating jobs and boosting economic growth not only in Longview and Cowlitz County, but also throughout the Western United States.

EGT’s export facility is located in Longview, Washington and handles corn, wheat, soybeans, soybean meal, and DDGs. The elevator has provisions for both barge and rail intake with the ability to accommodate six 110-car shuttle trains at any given time without decoupling the locomotives. State-of-the-art equipment such as two-layer wheat cleaners, robotic shuttle car gate openers, and specially-designed storage bins to promote product flow for soybean meal and DDGs contributes to heightened efficiency. The automated weight system is the first of its kind in the state of Washington; the telescoping spouts allow loading without shifting vessels; and the facility is located on the Columbia River, which has recently been dredged to 43 feet to accommodate panamax vessels. EGT’s commitment to environmental friendliness is emphasized by the facility’s cutting-edge design: the air conveyor belt systems reduce air pollution, and the telescoping spouts push the limits of grain loading cleanliness.

To supply the Longview elevator, EGT operates four high capacity elevators in the Pacific Northwest draw region: Chester, Kintyre Flats, Sidney and Tunis, Montana.

A photo of the EGT facility in Longview, WA.Industry-leading technology

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Our export destinations include but are not limited to: Japan, South Korea, China, Taiwan, the Philippines, Indonesia, and Vietnam in Asia; Guatemala, Chile, El Salvador, Peru, and Colombia in Latin America.

EGT ships North American farm products to export markets around the globe from its export terminal in Longview, Washington.