EGT responds to criticism by the “Occupy” movement

Dec 12, 2011, Longviwq, WA — EGT, LLC issued the following statement which can be attributed to Larry Clarke, president and CEO of EGT.

Lost in the “Occupy” rhetoric is the fact that EGT is operating our Longview terminal with local union workers. The Operating Engineers Local 701 have issued a statement rightly expressing pride in their work at the Longview terminal and their longstanding commitment to the region, but their contributions have been ignored by Occupy movement organizers because it doesn’t align with their political narrative. Our focus remains on getting this facility up and running, so we can generate new economic activity for the port, tax revenues for the town and sales opportunities for farmers. Disrupting port activities makes it harder for U.S. manufacturing, the farm community and countless others to sell to customers and contribute to our nation’s economic recovery.

EGT ships North American farm products to export markets around the globe from its export terminal in Longview, Washington.