EGT condemns ILWU criminal attack on its facility in Longview, Washington

Sep 08, 2011, Longview, WA — EGT, LLC issued the following statement which can be attributed to Larry Clarke, president and CEO of EGT.

Today, the ILWU took its criminal activity against EGT to an appalling level, including engaging in assault and significant property destruction. This type of violent attack at the export terminal has been condemned by a federal court, and we fully support prosecution of this criminal behavior to the fullest extent under the law. The ILWU is thumbing its nose at the laws of the United States and our legal system. Issues between EGT, the Port, and the ILWU should be resolved peacefully in a court of law. We appreciate the support of local law enforcement for their ongoing efforts to ensure the safety of our employees and contractors. That remains our priority as we work to bring this facility online.

EGT ships North American farm products to export markets around the globe from its export terminal in Longview, Washington.